Welcome to Stockholm and ISCE 2015!

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On behalf of the organizing committee we have the great honor to welcome you all to the ISCE 2015 Conference in Stockholm! More than 460 attendees from 40 countries have registered for our meeting, many more than we expected! Thus, we hope this year´s meeting will be a big step forward visualizing the beauty of chemical ecology and implementing its importance for present and future needs in agriculture, aquatic, forestry, and medicinal areas. Chemical ecology is an interdisciplinary research field, and we are sure that many more researchers are working under the frame of chemical ecology without knowing it yet!

The program is tight, many young researchers were required to present orally in order to get funding for attending the conference. Our aim is to promote the next generation of scientists, to give as many as possible the chance to face the academic challenges in presenting their work. Therefore we have tried to give space to many of these young researchers.

Many thanks to all devoted symposia organizers who have selected excellent speakers, to the medal awardees for presenting highlights from their years of research, to all speakers that have accepted the challenge of presenting important research in a short time after long journeys, and to the scientific committee for their great interest and important advice. And of course, to all who are present here now – this year´s core of Chemical Ecologists!

And many thanks to David Gotthold and Agneta Sjögren, Kemistsamfundet! Without David Gotthold, there would have been no conference. He has been the administrative conductor, feeding us with various ideas and options and taking care of all kinds of administrative matters.

Last but not least we are thankful to all sponsors, who have recognized the importance of the annual meeting in Chemical Ecology and our aim to provide knowledge for building sustainable agriculture, fisheries, forestry, human and animal health and other societal values.

Let us start the conference under the KTH motto “Science and Art” and the Lund University “Ad utrumque”, ‘prepared for both’….
Very welcome!

Anna-Karin and Christer


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